Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Sensible Proposal

The role that the performance arts provides for society is becoming increasingly important.
It is vital for our sense of humanity.    
Our sense of ourselves is stimulated through the life we share together.  

We need to gather for collective experience.  
We need to assemble into theaters, performance halls and auditoriums and share experiences together.  
We need to enjoy the comforting touch and the rapturous release in the beauty of expression.  
We need to squirm in our seats to probe the emotional and social reality of our lives as it dramatically unfolds upon the stage.  
We need to feel the elation of laughing together at comedies.  
We need to see the grace and beauty in the fluent movement of dancers as they press the limits of the dynamic and kinetic potential of our bodies and extend the range of touch to quicken our senses.  
We need to rush through the surges of music together, tethered along threads of melodies with lyrics weaving into plush fabrics stretched taut upon the rhythmic drums we bound along together.  

New technologies continue to develop in directions that often lead us away from ourselves.  There is no fault in electronic media as it opens new dimensions of reality that are broadening our lives in ways our predecessors may have never thought possible.  But the performing arts, the living arts, can help us balance our extending realities with a grounding in our palpable, physical being.  This balance will allow us to continue broadening our horizons, while enabling us to retain and to continue enriching a sense of the life we share together.  

Someday we may become our machines, but as for now, we remain organic beings and there are far more variables and necessities to our physical nature than what can be produced and addressed synthetically.  Technology will continue to broaden what we may think.  But the living arts will always provide us with what we may feel and know.  

This is more than a dichotomy between the rational and emotional.  Emotion is the foundation of our cognition; rationality is simply an elaborate construction from this foundation.  Ultimately, our most sophisticated and abstruse explanations are means by which we perceive the world, and this sense, as all sense, is intrinsically linked with how we feel.  

Garrett Buhl Robinson

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Living Arts

The task is daunting — to assemble sundry
eccentric pieces into a seamless whole,
a composite of ephemeral whims,
fanciful delights populated with spectral
images outstretched upon the tossing seas
of dreamy sleep.  And each piece is essential.
Then to lift this up onto the stage
and caressed with curtains, warmed with lights
and released to roam through the endless fields
of the audience’s converging minds,
bring this lyrical creation to life!
Listen to the sweet release in sighs of delight
as the touch of each tender phrase swells our
solitary bubbles till they pop with astonishment.

Garrett Buhl Robinson
2-5-15, 9 - 10 AM

Friday, January 9, 2015

An Ode at the Steps of the Library

As I prepare myself for my next poetic project, I decided to compose a portion of my journal entry last night in a modified form of Saphhic Strophes. I wish I knew the lady's name who made the passing comment, but I am immensely grateful. Really, people have been extremely kind to me as I have been pouring my heart out in poetry every day. As I have said before, just for people to stop and listen is an immeasurable gift and to see them smile with delight with every recital, is truly a joy.

Yes Keats

At my stand in the freezing degrees
to read the public poetry while they
shuffled by in their bulging winter bundles,
I sat smiling.

One lady quickly passed but made the point
that she is an author and had bought my book
and read it, then pausing and turning
on the marble steps

she said, “You are an excellent writer.”
before running inside and out of the cold.
Her kind phrase kept me warm
the entire day.

Behind me, I could hear the ice cracking
in the frozen fountain hardening into 
a solid, cloudy pool with a few flakes
of flurried snow

drifting in swirls upon the surface
at the bottom of an ornate basin
of stone overseen by a statue of a sage
making meditative

statements distilled from a lifetime
of careful contemplation, tirelessly
preparing for a perfectly illuminating

— a fitting figure in a frozen world.
Yes Keats, the wisdom is kept and left unsaid,
never disclosed or exposed to a world’s

retained in the perfection of detached
consideration. Let us chisel your name,
again and again, in the frozen flow
of ageless stone.